About us

Two guys with a curious idea

The idea of a marathon in Helsingborg was born in the Fall of 2012 when Andreas Gartmyr and Simon Wikstrand for the frist time played with the thought of a new long distance course. It didn’t take long before they realised Helsingborg offers a big variety of underlay and beautiful surroundings, like a littoral for example, which are unique for this kind of event. So, one Sunday afternoon the road to Swedens new marathon began. About two years later the first edition had its premiere and approx 3300 runners was standing on the starting line. The rest is history.


For current questions we refer to our FAQ in first hand and in second hand to our runners service at marathon@hbgm.se. If you need personal contact with any of us you find contact information down below.

Runners Society Helsingborg / Helsingborg Marathon
Kullagatan 38
25220 Helsingborg

Erik Alnervik

Project manager – The fast one
Family: Wife Anna and daughter Agnes
Interests: Running / hunting / baking
Fields: Market / admin / project management healthcare
Mail: erik@hbgm.se
Tel: 072-2322016
Instagram: @erikalnervik
LinkedIn: Erik Alnervik

Andreas Gartmyr

Project manager – The one without shoes
Family: Wife Johanna, children Lillo and Elsa, cats Monster and Kalis
Interests: Running / photographing / fly drone
Fields: Development / photographing / project management event
Mail: andreas@hbgm.se
Tel: 070-8257711
YouTube: andreasgartmyr
Instagram: @andreasgartmyr
LinkedIn: Andreas Gartmyr