After Party

Celebrate this year’s HBGM!

This year, HBGM celebrates its 10th anniversary, and to mark this occasion, we want you to be able to celebrate your achievement properly. That’s why we’re inviting you to the official after-party, After Party, together with the prestigious venue, The Tivoli!

Bring the whole company with you!

If you’re running this year’s HBGM with your company or your club, then this year’s After Party is the perfect way to end your day! Either you can spontaneously walk the approximately 800 meters from the finish line and enjoy good food, drinks, and a great atmosphere, or you can book a VIP section just for your group. Either way, we promise a magical end to the day! If you’d like to book, please contact our partner manager, Fredrik, at

HBGM After Party September 7, 2024

Pre Party

Together with The Tivoli, we invite you to the After Party following the 10th anniversary of the Helsingborg Marathon, located at The Tivoli in Helsingborg, just 800 meters south of the finish area. You can head there directly after crossing the finish line and enjoy for as long as you’d like. Alternatively, you can take a shower first before arriving later in the evening. Regardless of when you plan to arrive, we think you should wear your medal and feel truly welcome to a post-race celebration where runners are honored, and where you have the opportunity to share your race experiences and enjoy food and drinks. The Pre Party is for runners, volunteers, partners, and spectators – Everyone is welcome!
Doors open at 14:00.
Admission: Free
Book a VIP spot: Email Fredrik!

There will be a food truck on the outdoor terrace where you can purchase food throughout the afternoon and evening. Drinks to celebrate the day will be available at the bar, of course.

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