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Ambassadors – We are Helsingborg Marathon

Helsingborg marathon had never become of what it is today without our amazing ambassadors. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who running our race, spreading the word and love around Sweden and the world. Unfortunately, we can’t write about all fantastic people, but we still want to lift our fantastic ambassadors who help us a little extra.

Anna “Piggelina” Nystedt – Kävlinge

Anna started to run when her kids were young, because it was so convenient and accessible. She started with shorter distances but she went quickly “distance blind”.

– I realized that I didn’t have to push myself as hard if I ran longer distance, and after a few weeks I was running at marathon distances. My first marathon took place in Stockholm 2008 and since then I’m stuck. I love running for everything it gives me. I feel good, I feel strong, I get the chance to meet exciting people and discover new places.

Why Helsingborg Marathon?

– I have run many marathons but Helsingborg is closest to my heart. I love the variation of the course, the crowd, the volunteers and the incredible finish – with sun beds, bath in the ocean and chocolate from Chocolatte after the race!

When Helsingborg Marathon started in 2014, I decided to run the first thirty races. To reach the start in a anniversary shirt at the age of seventy with a text that says “ I have run all the thirty HBGM”.

(Anna have come a long way on the road with her six out of six so far, the year 2018 she got the chance to run in our specially designed race bib. For those who run all the first five years. See the picture.).

Facebook: anna.nystedt.7
Instagram: AnnaNystedt

Peter “Marathonpeter” Bramsell – Ängelholm

Peter is an amateur runner who trains like a pro a few miles north of Helsingborg in the beautiful town of Ängelholm. Ängelholm is more known for having raised two of Sweden’s best ice hockey players – the brothers Kenny and Jörgen Jönsson.

Running is like a relaxation for me and healthcare at the same time. I choose times to train that suits me. From the morning, during the lunch to the evening or when i travel with work which makes the running to the best and the easisted exercise form for me. I always bring running clothes when I’m travel.

Peter has run all editions of the Helsingborg Marathon since the start in 2014 and are registered for 2020.

– I run HBGM because it was my first marathon in 2014. Today it’s a must every year, or call it a tradition because I have run all races. #allahbgm.

– I think you should run Helsingborg Marathon for the fantastic course that takes us runners past and through almost whole Helsingborg and with Sweden’s by far best finish. A finish which is over 2500 m long and with a fantastic view over Öresund and Denmark on the right side. After the finish you get the beautiful gold medal around your neck, you can wrap yourself in a gold blanket because the Helsingborg Marathon is a race with real “gold edge” HBGM quickly grew to Sweden’s second largest marathon and there is a natural explanation for that. I think you should experience Helsingborg Marathon.

Lovisa “Lofsan” Sandström – Stockholm

Lovisa is a training expert and entrepreneur and is better known as Lofsan. She has been PT of the Year and is the author of the popular book “Stora löparboken för kvinnor“. Together with Jessica Almenäs she also runs Sweden’s largest podcast about exercise and health – Träningspodden. She also runs the online coaching company Lofsangruppen with 30 employees. 

– I’m a former elite canoeist who is 100 percent all-round when it comes to training and enjoys work outs in the gym as well as marathon and ultra races.

Why Helsingborg Marathon?

– People from Skåne are much nicer than those from Stockholm! No other race in Sweden has as good and enthusiastic audience and volunteers! The course is so incredibly beautiful. It’s something really unique about the Helsingborg Marathon that I want to experience again.

Facebook: Lofsan
Instagram: Lofsans

Daniel Måledal – Jönköping

Daniel’s running life began in 2017 when he started working for the children’s rights organization Erikshjälpen. He started a charity collection for children in disasters where he set two goals. If he achieve 5 000 KR he would run a half marathon and if he achieve 10 000 KR he would run a marathon. Daniel realized quite quickly that he have to run 42.2 km.

– I run for many different reasons. Because I love to compete and I love to see how I can develop and to set new records. Just getting out and clean my head is really needed sometimes. I run to feel good. Running has a proven good effect on heart and brain, so I see it as a life investment.

Why Helsingborg Marathon?

– Of all the marathon races I’ve run, my absolute best experience comes from Helsingborg Marathon. Everything from the event, the incredibly nice course with different surroundings, the finish, the atmosphere, everything!

I recommend everyone to run this race! If in my opinion you want to run Sweden’s most beautiful marathon then it’s to Helsingborg you have to go. If 42,2 km is too long, there are other options too. That you can then run for charity and Eriksjälpen does not make things worse.

Facebook: maledal
Instagram: charity_runner

Johanna Gren – Helsingborg

Running 100 marathons feels completely crazy. To do it in one year feels completely impossible. But not for Johanna Gren, who run 110 marathons and two ultra races in 2018. Her second marathon in life was the first edition of Helsingborg Marathon 2014.

Everything started in 2014 when she broke up with her boyfriend. Running became a therapy there thoughts and feelings could be ventilated, but it quickly became something more. Already in 2015 she ran 20 half marathons, 7 marathons and 2 ultra races. We can be add that her mom and dad are also a little bit crazy. Together, they have soon run over 1,500 marathons and ultra marathons.

Why Helsingborg Marathon?

– We should run HBGM Relay with my colleagues but everyone declined so I decided to run the whole marathon instead. I thinked that I have six hours on me, so if I couldn’t run, I can just start walking.

Now I continue to run the Helsingborg Marathon because the crowd is incredibly good all the way. The course goes through Helsingborg’s fine parts and the amazing finish at Gröningen with the sea right next door. The fact that the race goes in my hometown doesn’t make things worse.

Facebook: johanna.gren.92
Instagram: johanna_running

Kenth Svensson – Göteborg

Kenth played football and ran orienteering as a child, but he realized quite early that things were much easier without both ball, map and compass.

– I noticed that running with football or map was at least one thing too much so I started to “just” run. The first 15 – 20 years as a runner I did not run in the winter but have started with it in older days. Running is a form of exercise that suits me well. You can run with yourself whenever you want and directly from the door, with friends or with a club. You can participate in races around the world and it also becomes something that keeps you motivated.

Why Helsingborg Marathon?

– There is something special about the Helsingborg Marathon – it must be experienced. It’s a bit un swedish in the way that everyone in the organization, volunteers, partners and runners feels happy and positive and wants to give the little extra. I ran the first Helsingborg Marathon in 2014 at 2:54.  The last years can you fins me with a big baloon as a pacer for those runners who want to run in under 3:30. It feels like a fun tradition and the appreciation I get as a pacer from organizers, runners and audience haven’t I felt anywhere else.

Facebook: kenthsvensson
Instagram: snabbafotterkenth

Göran “Jojje” Wallin – Helsingborg

Actually, Jojje should not be able to run. Over 30 years ago his entire life changed in just a few seconds. On a cold winter day, he frontal crashed with another car. 18 days later he woke up in the hospital and he was multi disabled. In addition to reduced balance and broken arms, Jojje got a brain injury. He could not remember the accident, he also did not recognize his loved ones and had difficulty remembering his life before the accident. He had to start all over again with learning to walk, count, write and speak.

An ordinary person might have given up there, but not Jojje. Already a year after the accident he ran his first race – Springtime i Helsingborg and in 1994 he became a marathon runner when he ran the Stockholm Marathon in 3 hours and 38 minutes. In 2014, he stand at the starting line for the first edition of Helsingborg Marathon.

Why Helsingborg Marathon?

– Helsingborg Marathon is a fantastic race with a fantastic course. Ee runners get to experience many beautiful and exciting places in and through Helsingborg. The fact that the audience is fantastic is also a big part of the experience.

I have managed to live my new life because of the running and the Helsingborg Marathon has become part of that life. 2020 I’m at the start line again for my seventh year out of seven possible.

Facebook: jojje.wallin
Instagram: jojje.wallin

Hans Renman – Stockholm

Hans runs several companies in the training industry together with his wife Lovisa “Lofsan” Sandström and therefore has training as a natural part of his life, both heavy strength training and running.
– If you are married to your PT, there is no room for carelessness, laughs Hans. Actually, I am faster than enduring and think that anything that takes more than 30 minutes feels a bit tedious. It’s actually incomprehensible for me to run long runs, but there’s a lot that is incomprehensible with marathons. Marathon for me is about always being so well trained that you can run 42 km any day of the year.

Why Helsingborg Marathon?

– I ran the first five editions of Helsingborg Marathon and I have also ran the Great Wall Marathon, New York City Marathon, Stockholm Marathon and Ultravasan. This years Helsingborg Marathon will be my tenth marathon and it must be in Helsingborg. Everything is perfect. The event, the volunteers, the audience, the course and the view over Öresund and the finish line.
In addition, it’s the only race that it’s so close to the After Run at Clarion Grand Hotel Helsingborg after finishing!

Instagram: reindeerman

Fredrik Johnsson – Örebro

– The first competition I remember is Lidingöloppet 1984. I was only 9 years old. Since then, I have kept running almost all the time, some years more, some years less.

In 2014, he joined Örebro AIK and has since trained and competed more regularly. On Långlöparnas evening at Stockholm Stadium in June, he broke a new personal record of 10,000 m, 45 years old, at 34.08.

– For me, running is the best and easiest form of training, you always have room for training clothes and a pair of running shoes, and you can run basically anywhere. Discovering new places on the run is the best I know. Running is a fellowship, joy and a hell of a struggle. But what I know about running is that regardless of whether you have completed a nice long session, a technical course in the forrest or a tough interval session, you are always satisfied afterwards and never regret it.

Why HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon?

Facebook: fredrik.johnsson.7
Instagram: runningfrippe

Markus Agebjörn – Göteborg

Markus is the sports teacher from Gothenburg who has always had a great interest in training and who has tried many sports over the years, but especially football and tennis.

– I started to like running as a form of exercise a couple of years ago. It used to be part of my football training but it was never really fun to go out for a run, just for the running. I lowered the bar and found a sustainable way to get out more regularly by lowering my temp, stopping focusing on times and starting to appreciate the running itself, not just the feeling after a workout. This led to both Lidingölopp and Vasaloppet. The way into endurance sports had been found and now a marathon were on the bucket list.

Why Helsingborg Marathon?

– The Helsingborg Marathon was the absolute best running experience I have ever had. An incredibly nice course and a wonderful running party. I hope more people get the chance to experience what I did in 2021. Helsingborg Marathon was my first marathon and a day I will never forget.

Instagram: mymarathon2021