Ellas hjältar

Become a child’s hero!

Now you can become a hero for a child who is having a hard time. We are super proud of our collaboration with the foundation Ellas hjältar (Ellas heroes). Ellas hjältar’s vision is to give children an easier everyday life with the aids they need, but also to give children good memories that take them through tough times. Together with you, our runners and ambassadors, we will now make sure to realize their dreams. When you register for Helsingborg Marathon, HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon or HBGM Relay you have the opportunity to make a donation to Ellas hjältar. Not running or missed the opportunity when you registered? No worries! You can also make a donation in our HBGM shop. Every donation to Ellas hjältar will help in our joint project in fulfilling Elliots dream which you can read about below. Together we make dreams come true!

Together we can change Aaron’s life

Aaron lives in Gävle together with his mom Amelie, dad Kim, and little brother Matheo. He loves being outdoors, playing around, and having fun at the swimming pool. Aaron was born on December 27, 2017, and when he was just five weeks old, he and his family were thrown into a hospital circus that lasted for 1.5 years. After numerous lengthy investigations, Aaron was finally diagnosed with Joubert syndrome, a rare condition that involves changes in the cerebellum, resulting in significant balance and coordination disorders and low muscle tone. In addition, Aaron has level 3 autism, is non-verbal, and uses a wheelchair. In other words, Aaron has had a tough start in life and has had to fight extra hard. But what a fighter he is!

-We can’t even put into words how grateful we are for this fundraising campaign! Previously, Aaron had a tricycle with trunk support that was a big favorite. However, he has outgrown it, and it’s time for an adapted bicycle. But since our region doesn’t provide such aids, we will have to buy it privately, and it costs quite a bit… So having the opportunity to give Aaron a fundraising campaign is incredibly significant for us! A RaceRunner would help Aaron strengthen his leg muscles to have a chance to start walking. We are so happy that Ellas Hjältar and Helsingborg Marathon are making Aaron’s dream of having his own RaceRunner come true!

Let’s get Aaron a Racerunner!

Aaron and his parents’ dream is for him to have his own RaceRunner. Now, together, we will collect money for this. A RaceRunner costs 40,000 SEK, and when you register for any of our races during HBGM 2023, you can donate money that will go in full towards Aaron’s RaceRunner. If you are already registered, you can make a donation through our shop. These funds will also go entirely towards Aaron’s RaceRunner.

Once we have successfully collected all the money for Aaron, we will start a new project together with Ellas hjältar and raise funds for another child.

Donated so far for Hjalmar


Ellas hjältar step in for children who are having a hard time

Catja and her daughter Ella have always been close and they were both exited when Catja became pregnant with a baby sister. But nothing went as planned. The birth was dramatic, Catja almost lost her life and the injuries she received were permanent. The idea for Ellas hjältar was born when they saw a TV show about children who were having a hard time. Ella were enchanted. – I thought that maybe we could heal, by helping others, says Catja, founder of Ellas hjältar. Ellas hjältar were founded in 2016 by Catja Karlberg when she suffered a serious childbirth accident that completely changed her life. Even today, she lives with severe pain after the complications and with an ostomy bag. Catja was cared for at home for a long time, during this time her first daughter Ella was very scared, she also created a fear of being by Catja’s side when she no longer recognized her mother. To win back her daughter, Catja chose to raise money and to arrange for Ella to meet another child who also where going to a hard time. Already after the first meeting, Ella began to approach Catja again. The family therefore continued to help more children and this is where Ellas hjältar were born. Children and families may have suffered from illness, bullying or other trauma. Through Ellas hjältar, they get a wish fulfilled. Maybe it’s a trip, a meeting with an idol or an activity. Many children with disabilities also end up in the wrong place in society’s system and do not get the aids they need to live a normal life – here too we are making a difference. Donating money is an easy way for a company to do something good for someone else. – I often hear from our donors that they feel part of a family – Ellas hjältar. Contributing to the foundation is not only good for the company’s brand, but also provides a wonderful community. It feels good in the heart to give, says Catja.

About Ellas hjältar

Ellas hjältar were started as a non-profit fundraiser for individual families the founder Catja got in touch with via the internet. Today, the Ellas hjältar is a foundation. Everything is transparent, as a donor you should know exactly what the money is used for. The focus is on being personal and building a relationship with the family, listening to their story, answering questions and being a supportive party before, during and after they have had their wish fulfilled. This is what distinguishes Ellas hjältar from many other aid organizations. Those who receive support from the foundation can be families affected by illness, bullying or other trauma. Through Ellas hjältar, they get a wish fulfilled, perhaps a trip, an idol meeting or an activity. Many children with disabilities also end up in the wrong place in our system and do not get the aids they need to live as normal a life as possible – here, too, Ellas hjältar step in. Ellas hjältar raise money for specific causes through grants, events and the like. They set a clear goal for a sum that covers the desire the case is about. As a donor, you can access this information via their pages. If there is money left over when they have helped a child, these, regardless of the amount, go on to future children on Ellas hjältar. This information may be read and approved by all parents before they post a case on the website.