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Because we love numbers

We love numbers and we know you do it to. Here, among other things you can find track records and information about which runner who’s completed all editions of Helsingborg Marathon.

First edition

Helsingborg Marathons first edition started to take form in Spring of 2012 when Andreas Gartmyr and Simon Wikstrand played with the thought of a new long distance course. It didn’t take long before they realised Helsingborg offers a big variety of underlay and beautiful surroundings, like a littoral for example which are unique for this kind of event. So, one Sunday afternoon the road to Swedens new marathon began.



The first edition of Helsingborg Marathon started the 13th of September 2014. 1271 runners completed the marathon category and 1484 runners in relay. Already from the first year Helsingborg Marathon became the second biggest marathon i Sweden and a real success both for runners, audience and the city of Helsingborg.


The second year and our first home victory at Helsingborg Marathon, Anna Bjurman made it to the finish line in 3:10:10. This was also the year where our green pacesetter made their entrance and helped a lot of runners to reach their dream goal. Runners Club hade their first qualification with 34 runners who completed the race.


The third edition offered a whole new course around Helsingborg Arena and through Maria Park to show even more of Helsingborg. Anders Dahlman took the throne from Henrik Orre who’ve been the winner in the first two editions. Malin Holmberg made it in 3:03:29, a new course record for women. At last, this was the first year where we had four different types of categories in relay: men, women, mixed and business.


The premiere of Dole Kids Run, which allured over 150 kids to run along the ocean towards the finish line.
Klas Johnsson from Vegan Runners IK made it the finish line in 2:13:12 and set a new course record for Helsingborg Marathon. Josefin Svanlindh from Sollentuna, Stockholm was the best in girls category and made it in 3:08:15.
In Resurs Bank Helsingborg Relay, yet again IS Göta were the fastest team with Falkenberg Allstars closely behind who also won the mixed class. IS Söta took their second victory in women’s category and ATEA with friends won the business category.

Klas Johansson

“I’d been studying the results from earlier years and I knew I had a chance. After 30 kilometers I felt that I needed to step up and go a bit faster and then the gap grew during the rest of the race”, says Klas Johansson after the win at Helsingborg Marathon 2017.

Klas Johansson from Vegan Runners IK has his resident in Ängelholm and ran Helsingborg Marathon for the first time 2017 and went for a course record at 2:31:12.

Course record Helsingborg Marathon

Old course

2014 Karin Axelssson, Solvikingarna – 3:04:23
2014 Henrik Orre, Björnstorps IF – 2:33:13

New course (2016-)

2015 Malin Holmberg, Klubblös – 3:03:29
2017 Klas Johansson, Vegan Runners – 2:31:12

Course record Resurs Bank Helsingborg Relay

Old course

2015 Team IS Göta – 2:38:53

New course (2016-)

Men 2016 Team Götakärlek – 2:32:16
Women 2017 IS Göta – 3:17:37
Mixed 2017 Falkenberg Allstars – 2:40:06
Business 2017 ATEA with friends – 2:55:04

Anna “Piggelina” Nystedt

“I actually did my registration just to be in the premiere. I want to be one of those who’s been running ALL editions when they celebrate their 20 years anniversary” .
Four years later Anna “Piggelina” Nystedt has ran all four editions of Helsingborg Marathon and is signed up for her fifth.

Been running all Helsingborg Marathon

103 runners have been running all editions of Helsingborg Marathon.

Hans Ahlberg,  Jenny Alm, Erik Alnervik, Mikael Andersson, Daniel Andoff, Anders Axelsson, Catrine Barkentin, Fredrik Behrendtz, Kristian Bengtsson, PO Bengtsson, Lotta Berling, Andreas Berner, Claes Bernson, Patrik Billgren, Alexander Blomqvist, Mikaela Bonalumi, Johan Book, Peter Bramsell, Hans Broomé, Andreas Cederström, Bengt Cronquist, Jonas Dahlström, Catarina Donelli, Jan Fex, Jörgen Forsbacka, Jörgen Forsberg, Kenth Fransson, Sören Fransson, Erik Gillenius, Andreas Hansen, Heidi Hedin, Jonathan Hjertström, Mattias Holgersson, Peter Holm, Kristina Holmgren, Tobias Holmqvist, Paul Hübenbecker, Jens Hultberg, Kent Högdén, Eva Högman, Johan Jafner, Magnus Jansen, Fredrik Johansson, Klas Johansson, Patrik Johansson, Håkan Klippenbock, Lars-Uno Kroon, Robert Larsson, Daniel Lennartsson, Carl Lindström, Ingvar Lundahl, Niclas Martell, Susanne Martell, Jon Mattsson, Tobias Meyer, Predrag Mitrovic, Pablo Murillo, Jonny Månsson, Martin Navntoft, Robert Nehez, Martin Nihlgård, Malin Nilsson, Stefan Nilsson, Ulrika Nilsson, Anna Nystedt, Jessika Olsson, Per Olsson, Henrik Orre, Malin Otthén, Eva Palmblad, Veronika Palmertz, Kenneth Pedersen, Carl Persson, Dennis Persson. Lisa Persson, Marcus Petersson, Anette Randevik, Magnus Ransheim, Hans Renman, Malin Rentner, Ajse Sandqvist, Lotta Sjöberg, Ola Stigmar, Phillip Strandmark, Roger Strandqvist, Björn Svensson, David Svensson, Johan Svensson, Patrik Sällberg, Martina Sögaard, Johan Ursberg, Hasse Ursfält, Kristian Wahlgren, Björn G Wallin, Göran ”Jojje” Wallin, Johanna Wassholm, Herman Weberg, Marcus Wehlin, Peter Wiklund, Morgan Wildmark, Roger Wilhelmsson, Evalena Åkesson och Tommy Åkesson

Kenth Fransson

“One day, ten years ago I decided, enough is enough and from now on I’m gonna be a new person. When i reached the finish in 2015 and realised I was gonna make it, I burst. I’ve worked so hard for this. Then, two years later I did i again, with my daughter waiting at the finish line. And that was the proudest moment in my life” .

– Kenth Fransson
3rd place Helsingborg Marathon 2015, 2017

Statistics Helsingborg Marathon


Number of runners 1270 runners completing
Average duration All 04:14:25
Average duration Men 04:11:42
Average duration Women 04:26:23

Top 3 Men Helsingborg Marathon

1 Henrik Orre Björnstorps IF 02:33:48
2 Christian Dahlmann Rånäs 4H 02:42:12
3 Daniel Nilsson IK Studenterna 02:42:43

Top 3 Women Helsingborg Marathon

1 Karin Axelsson Solvikingarna 03:04:23
2 Anna Bjurman IS Göta 03:11:31
3 Lotta Berling Klubblös 03:11:34


Number of runners 758 runners completing
Average duration All 04:10:07
Average duration Men 04:05:06
Average duration Women 04:22:52

Top 3 Men Helsingborg Marathon

1 Henrik Orre Björnstorps IF 02:33:13
2 Daniel Nilsson IK Studenterna 02:42:07
3 Kenth Fransson IS Göta 02:45:24

Top 3 Women Helsingborg Marathon

1 Anna Bjurman IS Göta 03:10:10
2 Lotta Berling Klubblös 03:11:34
3 Annelie Blomquist IS Göta 03:14:15


Number of runners 714 runners completing
Average duration All 04:17:29
Average duration Men 04:13:18
Average duration Women 04:27:06

Top 3 Men Helsingborg Marathon

1 Anders Dahlman IK Trasten 02:34:21
2 Henrik Orre Björnstorps IF 02:37:13
3 Christian Dahlmann Rånäs 4H 02:42:35

Top 3 Women Helsingborg Marathon

1 Malin Holmberg Klubblös 03:03:29
2 Åsa Eriksson Halmstad OK 03:06:52
3 Helena Hallgren Simlångsdalens IF 03:07:28


Number of runners 768 runners completing
Average duration All 04:11:17
Average duration Men 04:06:51
Average duration Women 04:20:56

Top 3 Men Helsingborg Marathon

1 Klas Johansson Vegan Runners 02:31:12
2 Henrik Orre Björnstorps IF 02:36:04
3 Kenth Fransson IS Göta 02:44:17

Top 3 Women Helsingborg Marathon

1 Josefin Svanlindh Klubblös 03:08:15
2 Helena Hallgren Simlångsdalens IF 03:11:19
3 Louise Davidsson Simlångsdalens IF 03:12:32

Statistics Resurs Bank Helsingborg Relay

Top 3 2014

1 Team IS Göta 02:40:02
2 Ivan Mendez AC 02:53:59
3 Filbornaas vinnande koncept 02:55:22

Top 3 2015

1 Team IS Göta 02:38:53
2 IS Göta 02:41:38
3 Kamratföreningen Kortedalarna 02:47:17

Top 3 Men 2016

1 Team Götakärlek 02:32:12
2 Team IS Göta 02:33:57
3 Original.se 02:47:18

Top 3 Women 2016

1 IS Söta 03:21:31
2 Göta Ladies 03:26:41
3 Rakettanterna 03:36:17

Top 3 Mixed 2016

1 Helsingborgs Finest of 1976 02:58:12
2 Runrefined 03:02:13
3 IS Ischias 03:07:22

Top 3 Business 2016

1 Storymix 02:55:26
2 Restaurang Telegrafen 02:59:16
3 Den oheliga Alliansen 03:04:43

Top 3 Men 2017

1 Götakärlek 02:34:32
2 IS Nöta 03:05:37
3 Team HAPPA 03:11:43

Top 3 Women 2017

1 IS Söta 03:17:37
2 LAJS 03:40:05
3 RunDocs 03:49:34

Top 3 Mixed 2017

1 Falkenberg Allstars 02:40:06
2 Miljöpartiet Skåne 03:05:37
3 #Bosse 03:12:58

Top 3 Business 2017

1 ATEA med Vänner 02:55:04
2 Våningen & Villan 02:57:37
3 Veidekke Entreprenad AB – Eliten 03:03:20