Information about Covid-19

30 July 2020
We have looked at every possible solution, we have followed every update from the Public Health Agency, we have studied and analyzed curves, we have planned and tried to find new possible ways for you and thousands of others to be able to stand on the starting line in Helsingborg on September 5 for the seventh edition of the Helsingborg Marathon. But now we have come to the point where we must realize that it will not be possible to go through with this years Helsingborg Marathon due to the restrictions and rules that exist due to Covid-19. It is incredibly sad for all of you runners who put in hour after hour, week after week, to have the best experience possible through our beautiful city. We have to put our and everyone else’s health first and that is why we now with sadness declare that this year’s Helsingborg Marathon is canceled. All registered runners will soon receive an email where they have the opportunity to choose from three alternatives – donate their registration fee, move the registration to 2021 or get their money back.

Although this feels incredibly sad right now, we at Helsingborg Marathon have a positiv view of the future. We already have many exciting planed for 2021 and together with you, our fantastic partners and Sweden’s best race officers, it will be the best Helsingborg Marathon year ever!

See you on September 4, 2021!

26 May 2020
Right now, the world is facing a very tough period and we hope you and your loved ones are doing well. At Helsingborg Marathon we have always had the ambition to think positively even when it feels tough. We believe that it is one of the keys to being able to push innovation forward and to find solutions to problems. Therefore, we look to the future with positivity. It will be better! We have high hopes that the restrictions that exist today will be eased in the near future. Here at Helsingborg Marathon, therefore, work is underway with full focus on a new HBGM on September 5, 2020.

More and more often, we get the question, from runners who would like to register, what will happen with the registration fee for Helsingborg Marathon is canceled because of the restrictions that exist due to Covid-19. Below we clarify our standing in the matter.

To organize a race of Helsingborg Marathon’s magnitude requires an incredible amount of time and resources. The preparations for Helsingborg Marathon starts almost one and a half years before the next race. Since 2017, we are three people who work daily with Helsingborg Marathon. To this is added a race organization consisting of a total of eight people who work in and out during the year but especially during the last weeks before, during and after the race. In addition to this, there are large costs for products for runners and race officers as well as necessary equipment for the race that must be ordered a long time in advance.

Basically, it all boils down to the fact that every year everyone who organizes an event of this size and quality takes a risk. During the year, the event requires large expenditures which then will be cover by the income from registration fees. If these revenues fail, a situation that is unsustainable arises. This is one of the reasons why most organizations, even in normal times, state that registrations is binding. Without these revenues, it is impossible to organize races like Helsingborg Marathon.

At present, Konsumentverkets (the Consumer Agencies in Sweden) states that organizers must repay registration fees in case of a canceled event, even though there is a so-called Force Majeure (extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken) in place. This creates great concern for both us and our colleagues in the industry.

We hope that with the help of this explanation you have gained a greater insight into the work and financial aspect of Helsingborg Marathon.

Based on the Consumer Agency’s position in the matter, we have decided to offer our participants three alternatives.

1. Become our hero for all time by donating your registration fee. By doing so, you contribute to the survival of Helsingborg Marathon for many years to come.

2. Transfer your registration fee to Helsingborg Marathon on September 4 2021.

3. Get your registration fee refunded. Of course we hope that as few people as possible choose this option so Helsingborg Marathon can live on for many years to come.

More information on how to make your choice will be communicated IF Helsingborg Marathon is forced to cancel due to the restrictions that apply. We hope this information makes you more comfortable in your decision about registration for this year’s Helsingborg Marathon. We hope to see you on the starting line on September 5 2020!

Thank you for your support!
/ Andreas, Erik & Fredrik
Your race directors at Helsingborg Marathon

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