Information about Covid-19

We don’t know how the pandemic and Covid-19 will affect the marathon races in 2021. We at Helsingborg Marathon will do everything we can to be able to arrange Helsingborg Marathon on September 4, 2021.

Almost all marathon races were forced to be canceled in 2020, but we refuse to give up the hope. We believe that we one day will stand at the start line again with thousands of people waiting for the start. The registration to Helsingborg Marathon 2021 is open and we will be transperent in our work and plans for the next years race. Follow our work down below.

We can arrange marathon races wich don’t increase the spead of infection

On 29 March 2020 a government ban was introduced on public gatherings with more than 50 persons, which, amongst other things, means that all running races, assembling 50 or more persons at the same place at the same time, are prohibited.

The government has given the Folkhälsomyndigheten (Public Health Agency of Sweden) the task of analysing how mass-participation races and sports events held outdoors can be organised in a safe way which limits the risk of infection.

We and our colleagues in Sweden know that it’s possible to arrange running races outdoors over an area of 42 kilometers for healthy people with exactly the same social distance that applies in the rest of society.

Questions & Answers

Do I dare to sign up?

Yes of course! We really believe that Helsingborg Marathon will go as plans on September 4, 2021. Maybe in a different form where we adapt the event to possible restrictions with more starting groups to reduce the number of people in the same area. Should Helsingborg Marathon be canceled, we will give you runners three alternatives.

1. Become our hero for all time by donating your registration fee.

2. Transfer your registration fee to Helsingborg Marathon on September 3 2022.

3. Get your registration fee refunded.

Will the race be arranged just like before?

We don’t yet know exactly what Helsingborg Marathon 2021 will look like. Right now we are working for the Helsingborg Marathon to be arranged in the same way as before, but we are also working to develop plans for different scenarios. It can be anything from having several starting groups to how we get the runners out from the finish area to how we distribute the race bibs.

General questions

When’s the race?

How’s the course?

Are there pacers?

What’s included in the registration?