Dole Helsingborg Kids Run 650 – 1600 meters

Everyone is a winner, with heart and passion.

All those who wants to join Helsingborg Marathon should be able to do it. Everyone should be able to take part of the finish line, get a medal and feel like they are a winner. During Dole Helsingborg Kids Run the younger (3 – 12 years) contestants gets to run on the same finish as Helsingborg Marathon, reach their hands in the sky and receive a medal at the finish line. You can choose between 650 or 1600 meters.

Welcome to Dole Helsingborg Kids Run!

Entry fee

120 SEK/runner


August 31st 2019 11:00 AM


Registration is open to 18 of Augusti 2019

The Dole Helsingborg Kids Run course

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