Helsingborg Marathon 42.195 meter

The city by the sea, welcomes you with open arms

Helsingborg Marathon, the race that begins at the heart of Helsingborg and will lead you 42 195 meters through 21 city districts and has a finish by the ocean. This beautiful city will welcome you with open arms and guide you every step of the way. We run this town!

Welcome to Helsingborg Marathon!

Entry fee

850 SEK/löpare


5 September 2020 at 10:00 am


The registration is open till August 23

Helsingborg Marathon – a marathon with extra of everything

Service before the race

Test run of the course
Runner t-shirt from New Balance
Offer from Löplabbet

Service during the race

Pacers with finish times on 3:00 – 5:15
Sportdrink from Maurten
14 water and energystations
Livetracking and livestream on the web
Taxi to the finish area with Taxi-tjänst

Service after the race

Real gold-plated medal
Free busses with Skånetrafiken
Sauna & shower at Kallis Helsingborg
Ramlösa, fruits (Bama), chocolate (Chocolatte), licorice (Lakritsfabriken) och much more.
Thousands images from the race
Personal digital diploma

Unique collaboration – get the same conditions like the pros!

Energy is very important in long distance running. Therefore we have chosen to collaborate with Maurten who created the drink that supplies the best marathon runners in the world with energy.

We can now offer you the same conditions as the elite has during the races. Run Like A Pro means that you get the elite favorite drink, Drink Mix 320, at six fluid stations along the course. Drink Mix 320 is the elites favorite because it contains significantly higher amounts of energy than other beverages – but at the same time it’s good for the stomach. At each station you get special Maurten race bottles filled with the Swedish-developed drink that helps you keep your energy levels up.

1. 7 km, Industrivägen
2. 13 km, Ramlösa
3. 20 km, Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens
4. 27 km, Pålsjö Tennis
5. 33 km, Pålsjö Castle
6. 37 km, Sofiero

Only 100 packages are for sale.
Buy the Run like a pro package when you sign up for the race.
Price: 300 SEK.

Set new goals that really make a difference!

Run Helsingborg Marathon for Erikshjälpen and help to give more girls in Kenya the opportunity to go to school.

Erikshjälpen is a children’s rights organization that is fighting for children living in poverty and vulnerability to have a better life – both now and in the future. Work is ongoing in 17 countries, including Sweden, together with some 70 local partner organizations and focusing on children’s right to education, health, safety, protection and leisure.

As a charity runner, you are involved in helping more girls in East Africa get the opportunity to attend school. Education reduces child marriage, girls dare to stand up for themselves and dare to dream of a future – in a society where they are taken seriously.

You can run as a charity runner during the Helsingborg Marathon at an increased fee of SEK 450. We at Helsingborg Marathon will add an additional SEK 100 for each charity runner.

As a thank you, all charity runners will receive a specially designed t-shirt as proof of their commitment.

The Helsingborg Marathon course

On the map below you can see the marathon course and where to find start, finish, split times and fluid stations. You can also find cafés, toilets, attractions, parking and last but not least the City district party, where associations and individuals organises fun activities along the course.

Course information Helsingborg Marathon

The course of Helsingborg Marathon was born out of the idea of showing as much as possible of the beautiful city of Helsingborg. The city center is small but filled with fantastic views and spots. The course begins at Sundstorget outside of Dunkers Kulturhus in the heart of Helsingborg. The road leads the runners down a flat 7 kilometer  section to Råå Småbåtshamn which carries on to Ättekulla nature reserve. When you reach this spot it won’t take long before you will experience two wonderful parks, Ramlösa Brunnspark and Jordbodalen. Further on the runners will reach the stunning Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens, a farm in the middle of the city, and then on the same kilometer experience a big contrast when passing Helsingborg Arena and Olympia. During the second half of the course you get to see the medieval castle Kärnan, Pålsjö forest and Sofiero. The course then continues down the long hill Tinkarpsbacken before you reach the fantastic finish along the ocean. The last 3300 meters on Helsingborg Marathon has permanent markers every 100 meters. 33 lines with countdown to the finish line on Gröningen. The home stretch along the ocean offers flag banners above the runners heads for the last 200 meters and when they pass the finish line they get to celebrate their achievement facing the beautiful Öresund. The course is unique in every way with varying environment and highlights on a 42 195 meter long lap. Those who run always say – I will do this again!

Length: 42 195 meters

Altitude difference: Around 370 meters (total, up and down)

Surface: ca 70% asphalt, 15% gravel, 14% trail, 1% other.

Highlights: City, Råå, Ramlösa brunnspark, Jordbodalen, Fredriksdal, Helsingborg Arena, Kärnan, Maria Park, Pålsjö castle, Sofiero castle, The boardwalk

City districts: Centrum, Söder, Planteringen, Miatorp, Högasten, Råå, Ättekulla, Ramlösa, Elineberg, Närlunda, Fältabacken, Wilson Park, Eneborg, Olympia, Slottshöjden, Tågaborg S, Tågaborg N, Norr, Ringstorp, Mariastaden, Hittarp-Laröd

Watch the course video here.

Elevation profile for the Helsingborg Marathon course

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