Pre Party

Warm up for this year’s HBGM!

Since we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, we want to go all out, and therefore this year’s HBGM will kick off already on Friday with a Pre Party together with our partner Löplabbet, main partner HOKA, and HBG City. It will be an amazing day at Rådhustorget in front of Löplabbet’s store, with both social running and festivities from morning to evening. Meet our ambassadors and partners, learn more about the course from the course manager, and hear the pacers explain more about the race setup.

Nice hang out all day long.

We want the entire weekend to embody running and HBGM, so this year we’re going all out with our main partner HOKA and our partner Löplabbet. It will be a full day dedicated to running and HBGM on Friday, September 6th, at Löplabbet’s store and Rådhustorget right outside the store. TV personality and marathon runner Rickard Olsson will be hosting with engaging chats and interviews. You can join social runs, test shoes from HOKA, and much more.

HBGM Pre Party September 6, 2024

Pre Party

Together with our main partner HOKA and partner Löplabbet, we invite you to the Pre Party the day before the 10th anniversary of the Helsingborg Marathon at Rådhustorget outside Löplabbet’s store in central Helsingborg and just 100 meters from the starting point at Sundstorget. We offer social runs in the morning, lunchtime, and evening, and in between, there will be fun activities in the store throughout the day, as well as interviews and chit-chat from the stage at Rådhustorget moderated by TV personality and marathon runner Rickard Olsson.
Preliminary Schedule

07:30 – Social Morning Run with Löplabbet HBGM Pacers
11:00 – Pacer briefing with pacer Micke Andersson
11:30 – Course briefing with course manager Mikael Hassel
12:00 – Social Lunch Run with Löplabbet HBGM Pacers
13:00 – Energy talk with Simon at Umara
16:00 – Course briefing with course manager Mikael Hassel
16:30 – Chit-chat with Olof Lindberg at Polar
17:00 – Chit-chat with Josefin Swärm (Let’s Run)
17:30 – Chit-chat with HOKA runner Jesper Lundberg (winner of Helsingborg Marathon 2022 & 2023)
18:00 – Chit-chat with Joanna Swica
18:30 – Social Evening Run with Löplabbet HBGM Pacers
19:30 – Chit-chat with Stephan Wilson
20:00 – Pacer briefing with pacer Micke Andersson

Cafes and restaurants around Rådhustorget offer good prices throughout the day for you as a runner for HBGM.

Tests with Löplabbet & Aktivitus

Inside the store at Löplabbet, you have the opportunity to do both Löplabbet’s running technique analysis MX-Pro and threshold test + Vo2Max with our partner Aktivitus.

Running Technique Analysis MX-Pro
The analysis is conducted on Löplabbet’s treadmill and at various speed levels that you choose together based on your level. The running time is approximately 45 seconds per chosen speed. Two 3D cameras scan running steps, symmetry in movement patterns, and load levels on joints. The result is your complete biomechanical running profile, which is a summary of running values that affect your running economy, showing how energy-efficiently you run.
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Threshold Test + Vo2Max
Aktivitus is a leader in physiological testing and is present at Löplabbet throughout the day. Tests are performed on one of Löplabbet’s treadmills. During the entire test, Aktivitus measures your lactate to determine your sport-specific endurance and ability to burn fat. Heart rate values at Aerobic and Anaerobic thresholds. You will get a good answer on how your personal training zones should look.
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