HBGM Relay 21.1 K / 42.2 K in teams of 2-4 runners

We run with heart and work as a team

HBGM Relay is a team competition in two different distances and with four different categories – men, women, mixed and corporate.

HBGM Relay 21.1 K will take you and your team through the hole HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon course. The race start at Sundstorget and your will experience City, Kärnan, Tågaborg, Pålsjö skog, Laröd and Swedens most beautiful finish a long Strandpromenaden. With four stages between 3.6 – 6 kilometers long you and your team can run in groups by 2, 3 or 4 persons.

HBGM Relay 42.2 K will take your team through 21 city districts in the city by the ocean. The race starts in the heart of Helsingborg and leads you 42 195 meters along the ocean, through nature reserves, past arenas and has a finish on the boardwalk. With four stages between 9-12 kilometers long you and your team can run in groups by 2, 3 or 4 persons and divide the course between each other.

With distinct exchange stations along the course we will help you every step of the way and guide you as you hand over to your team-mate. Let’s build that team spirit!

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Entry fee

1600 SEK


7 September 2024
21.1 K at 09:40 am
42.2 K at 10:30 am


The regular registration closes on August 25, 2024.

Run HBGM Relay for free!

We always get incredibly good reviews from our runners, for which we are incredibly grateful! Of course, we want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to experience HBGM Relay. Now we need your help to spread the word about HBGM Relay and as a thank you for the help, we would like to give you and your team members your registration for free for this year’s HBGM Relay.

We have made it super easy for you. When you register for HBGM Relay, you will receive a confirmation email. In the confirmation email there is a section called “Run HBGM for free”. Here you will find a code and a link that you can share with anyone. If someone enters your code in the field “Invite code” or uses your link when they register, they will be registered as one of your recruits. After this year’s edition of HBGM Relay, we will make a compilation of all recruitments and make a refund of your registration fee if you recruit three or more teams to HBGM Relay.

Read more about the recruitment campaign here!


Ellas hjältar – Become Frans hero!

Now you can become a hero for a child who is having a hard time. We are super proud of our collaboration with the foundation Ellas hjältar (Ellas heroes). Ellas hjältar’s vision is to give children an easier everyday life with the aids they need, but also to give children good memories that take them through tough times.

Together with you, our runners and ambassadors, we will now make sure to realize their dreams. When you register for HBGM Relay you have the opportunity to make a donation to our project for Frans who needs a Racerunner so he can be able to move freely and play with his friends. Read more here!

HBGM Relay – the relay with extra everything

Service before the race

Test run of the course
Training and nutrition tips from Umara
Offer from Löplabbet

Service during the race

Sportdrink from Umara
Fruit from Dole
Pepsi, chips and pickles
14 water and energystations
DJs and live music
Livetracking and livestream on the web
Transport in case of broken race

Service after the race

Real gold-plated medal
Sauna & shower at Kallis Helsingborg
Ramlösa mineral water, Ramlösa funktion water, non-alcoholic beer Helsingborgs Bryggeri, fruits Dole, chocolate Chocolatte, Kitkat, candy, chips och much more.
Thousands images from the race
Digital team diploma
Finish film

The HBGM Relay course

On the map below you can see the marathon course and where to find start, finish, split times and fluid stations. You can also find cafés, toilets, attractions, parking and last but not least the City district party, where associations and individuals organises fun activities along the course.

Course information HBGM Relay

The ambition of Helsingborg Marathon has always been that everyone should be able to participate. HBGM Relay allows teams of 2-4 people to share our beautiful and experience-rich half marathon and marathon routes with relay stations at Ättekulla, outside Fredriksdal, and at Dag Hammarskjölds väg for the marathon relay, and Pålsjö kiosk, Dag Hammarskjölds väg, and Tinkarpsbacken for the half marathon relay. With four different and varied routes in both nature and length, there is something for everyone

HBGM Relay 21 K

Length: 21 097,5 meters

Leg 1: 4,8 k (Start at Dunkers Kulturhus 0 k and exchange at Pålsjö kiosk 4,8 k)
Leg 2: 6,3 k (Start at Pålsjö kiosk 4,8 k and exchange at Dag Hammarskjölds väg 11,1 k)
Leg 3: 5.7 k (Start at Dag Hammarskjölds väg 11,1 k and exchange at Tinkarpsbacken 16,8 k)
Leg 4: 4,3 k (Start at Tinkarpsbacken 16,8 k and finish at Gröningen 21,1 k)

Categories: Men, Women, Mixed, Corporate

Altitude difference: Total elevation gain of 95 meters. 190 meters in total (up and down).

Surface: Around 89% asphalt, 10% gravel, 1% other

HBGM Relay 42 K

Length: 42 195 meters

Leg 1: 11,3 k (Start at Dunkers Kulturhus 0 km and exchange at Ättekulla 11,3 k)
Leg 2: 10,3 k (Start at Ättekulla 11,3 k and exchange at Fredriksdal 21,6 k)
Leg 3: 9,5 k (Start at Fredriksdal 21,6 k and exchange at Dag Hammarskjölds väg 31,1 k)
Leg 4: 11,1 k (Start at Dag Hammarskjölds väg 31,1 k and finish at Gröningen 42,2 k)

Categories: Men, Women, Mixed, Corporate

Altitude difference: Total elevation gain of 135 m. 270 meters total (up & down).

Surface: Around 89% asphalt, 10% gravel, 1% other

Elevation profile for the HBGM Relay 21,1

Elevation profile for the HBGM Relay 42,2

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