Feel the passion – every step, every meter.

Train for marathon and half marathon

Whether you are going to run your first marathon or half marathon or if you have ran it several times before it can feel good with some tips or tricks how you are going to prepare yourself for the race. We want you to have the best possible experience on September 7, 2024. Your journey begins here.

Running – neither dangerous nor difficult

We love movement, especially in the form of running, and therefore, we want to share some well-chosen words on how you should approach your training.

The most important thing is that you do something, and we hope to inspire you to invest some time in your running towards the ultimate goal – Helsingborg Marathon or HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon. Because whether you’re running a marathon or a half-marathon, it requires dedicating a few hours per week to make the final experience everything you dream of. Remember, 1 km is better than 0 km.

Running is neither dangerous nor difficult, and together, we will ensure that you feel the same way.

Base training for marathon and half marathon

Base training is important for all runners, whether beginners, recreational runners, or elite athletes. This is the period where we build ourselves up and condition our bodies for higher stress levels, aiming to reach the next level in our running while also preventing injuries and illnesses. Base training allows us to work on our weaknesses and further enhance our strengths. To take your body to the next level, it needs to be subjected to training, which leads to adaptation to newer and tougher stress, ultimately resulting in enhanced performance. Together with our partner Umara, we have delved into all aspects of base training, and you can find more about it here.

Training program for the Helsingborg Marathon

There are three different training programs to choose from – ranging from the beginner who has never run a marathon before or maybe has done it once, to the regular exerciser who trains at least three times a week and has previously completed both half marathons and marathons, to the super-exerciser who is a dedicated runner with a specific time goal for the Helsingborg Marathon. Choose the one that suits you best!

Do you want to download the training program to your mobile? Click on the desired program – Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.

Psss. Remember, the programs are general, and you may need to adjust them according to your fitness level, training history, and lifestyle.

Training program for the HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon

You have three different training programs to choose from – ranging from beginners who have never run a half marathon before or might have done it before, to regular exercisers who have previously completed a half marathon, and to super enthusiasts who are committed runners and have a specific time goal for the HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon. Choose the one that suits you best!

Psss. Keep in mind that the programs are general, and you may need to adapt them to your current fitness level, training history, and lifestyle.

Inspire yourself on the journey towards HBGM with running podcasts

Sometimes it’s very relaxing to just plug in your earphones and let yourself disappear into the soothing sounds of someone chatting about running or encouraging you through a great interval session. Below, we’re suggesting these awesome podcasts that we particularly like.

Träna med Stephan
Get inspired in your training towards this year’s HBGM together with Stephan Wilson – Sweden’s bravest adventurer. Träna med Stephan is a personal and entertaining podcast where you’ll get a good dose of health advice on the go. Stephan guides you through a workout with motivation and tips.

Let´s Run podden
The podcast for you who loves running. Here you are met by Josefine & Alexandra Swärm – twins, best friends, and now podcast buddies. In the Let´s Run Podcast, you are treated to inspiring talk about running, lots of laughter, and a wonderful atmosphere. Yes, this is simply a feel-good podcast about running.

Löpning & Livet med Simon och Fredrik
They talk about löpning och livet during a long run, mixing in the week’s training, inspirational interviews, the drink of the week, fun, and just general enjoyable chatter in Swedish. Plug in your earphones and enjoy!

Möt löparen
Möt löparen is an inspirational interview podcast hosted by elite runner Marcus Åberg for all runners. Marcus interviews both elite runners and recreational runners about everything under the sun. Sweden’s first real running podcast.

Spring snyggt podden
Elite runner John “Jesus” Kingstedt and the very ambitious beginner Manne Forssberg delve into everything about running (and sometimes, much to John’s annoyance, cycling and skiing) in their podcast Spring snyggt podden. Here, they blend weekly training with interesting interviews, the weekly outlook, weekly “Ernst”, and weekly aggression.

Dictionary – what’s intervals?

The distance workout are the run there you go out and enjoying the surroundings and clear your thoughts. Here you should be able to run and talk with your friend the whole round.

The quality session is the training session where you want to develop your running. It can be a workout with higher speed (intervals), hills or stairs. Every quality workout starts with 10 – 15 min warm up.

Hills are one of the most underrated workouts in running. It’s building both strength, speed and recovery ability. The hills you will run in can be long, short, steep or flata. You choose hill according to what you want to get out of the training session – build stamina, speed or maybe strength and running technique.

Intervals are workouts where you run fast followed by slow or rest, either standing, walking or jogging. These workouts can vary with different speeds and distances on the intervals and the length and intensity of the rest. If you want to train on your endurance, you run longer intervals with shorter rest. If you want to train your speed you focus on shorter intervals with long rest.

Stair workout is a very good and easy workout that can vary in infinity. You run up and down. You can run on every step. You can run every two. You can jump on one leg or you can jump with both legs together. It’s a super session.

Long run
The marathon runners weekly routine. This session is from 60 minutes up to 3 hours. The longer the race is you are going to run, the more important this workout will be. This is the workout there your body get used to longer runs. Increase the long run during the training period towards your race.

Tips from the coach

Micke Andersson is a coach in our official running group Runners Club and here he shares his tips for those training for a marathon and half-marathon.

  1. Find a reason why you specifically want to run. I run because it makes me feel very good, both physically and mentally. It’s my medicine for the soul and for the body.
  2. Start slowly. If you are a beginner, it’s important not to go all-in from the beginning but to gradually increase your running. Otherwise, there is a high risk of either getting injured or getting tired of it.
  3. Vary your training. It’s important not to only run what’s known as “middle of the road.” To progress, it’s important to vary the pace and distance in your workouts. There should be a difference in tempo when you do intervals and long-distance runs.
  4. Set a goal. Sign up for the Helsingborg Marathon or HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon now. It’s much easier to maintain motivation throughout the year that way.
  5. Run with others. It’s much more enjoyable to run with others. Time passes faster and it’s easy to inspire each other.
  6. Rest and recovery. Don’t forget to rest between sessions. Rest is what builds you. Remember that work and a stressful family life are just as demanding as running.

Training sessions for marathon and half-marathon

Hills & stairs

Long hill (2 – 3 minutes)
Find a long hill and run in a steady high pace and when you reach the top you run/walk calmly down again. At the bottom of the hill, turn around and run straight up again.

Short hill (up to 60 seconds)
Find a short and steeper hill and sprint up at high speed. Remember to have a good posture and when you reach the top you jog calmly down again. At the bottom of the hill, turn around and run up again.

We love stairs. Maybe because we live in a city where there are a lot and good stairs. Here you can practice on your speed by running as fast as you can up the stairs. You can also focus on your running technique by running on each step. If you want to exercise some extra strength, you can vary with jump on both feet or one fet up.


1000 m
Is there anything more classic workout for long runners than 1000 meter intervals? If you train on your speed you run a little less with longer rest, and if you train against marathon you run 10 – 15 intervals with shorter rest.
Minute intervals
This is a workout that only the imagination sets the limit. You can vary in infinity but our favorite is: 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 minutes with 1 minute rest between each interval. You can either rest standing or jogging. If you rest standing you can run a little faster and then you get a workout that will focuses more on speed. If, on the other hand jogging during the rest and the workout will get a little more focus on endurance.
70/20, 60/60 och 180/60 seconds
A favorite workout where you should focus on feeling before a certain pace. Choose a distance of 3- 7 k depending on your ambition and run 70 seconds fast followed by 20 seconds slow then 70 seconds fast again followed by 20 seconds slow. You can then vary this and run for example 60/60 where you get a longer rest or 180/60. It all depends on your status and your ambition.
Fartlek is a favorite workout for many elite runners around the world. Very similar to the workout above but you don’t have any predetermined intervals. Either you run on feeling or you run with friends and you choose the speed and distance every other time.


5 x 2 k
A workout that you can vary in infinity. You should run at your racing pace of marathon / half marathon to get used to the speed. Run 1 k calm between each threshold. Vary the workout by adding more “2 k’s” or running the “thresholds” longer. For example, 5 x 5 km in marathon pace with 1 k jog rest is a perfect workout three to four weeks before the intended competition.

Long runs

Long run
The long run is the key to marathons and half marathons.

Long runs with thresholds
We think you should try to get used to your racepace and therefore it’s perfect to add thresholds in your long runs. If you have a serious goal on your marathon race, we think you should try 5 x 5 k in your race pace with 1 k jog between a few weeks before the race.