Training tips

Get inspired towards Helsingborg marathon & HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon

We know how easy it can be to run in the same track over and over again. That’s the reason we have made some training videos where the purpose is to inspire you to the training to Helsingborg marathon and HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon. More training tips can you found at our training page – train for HBGM.

Pyramid intervals – 100 + 200 + 300 + 200 + 100 meter

This workout invites you to run in what we call over speed. Running in over speed means that you run faster than your racing pace. By running fast you get a better running economy and your racing pace at marathon and half marathon feels more comfortable.

Run 100 meters, rest 30 seconds, run 200 meters, rest 30 seconds, run 300 meters, rest 30 seconds, run 200 meters, rest 30 seconds, run 100 meters, rest 30 seconds. This is one set. Run three to five sets.

Keep the same fast pace throughout the workout and rest standing or walking around at the same place.

The workout can vary in length. If you want a more endurance workout you can run 500 meters, 1000 meters, 1500 meters, 1000 meters, 500 meters with one minute rest.

Long hill

Hill training is the most natural way to train your running strength. You get a better strength in the thigh muscles, stronger tendons and ligaments and better running economy.

Find a hill that takes at least a minute to run. Focus on a proud posture. Don’t forget to use your arms and keep your eyes far up the hill. You should have the same speed throughout the workout. Walk / jog back down to the start of the hill. Repeat five to ten times. This workout can be varied by running more hills in a slower pace to get a more endurance workout.


Run in stairs is a great way to improve your running economy. By being forced to take shorter steps, lift our knees and land under the body, we get a more effective running step. In a stair you also activate the hip and core and improve the fitness.

Find a long staircase. This workout can you vary infinitely.

Run on each step with high frequency.
Run on every two steps with higher speed.
Run on one leg.
Jump in with both feet.

Only your imagination sets the boundaries of what you can do in a staircase.

Sprint hill

Sprint hill is perfect to put at the end of a regular distance run to improve your running economy. A sprint hill should be a maximum of 20 seconds and you start slowly and accelerate the first 3 – 5 seconds up to 90 percent of your max speed.  Remember that you run with proud posture and good stability in the core. Walk / jog slowly down again before running a new one. Run 5 – 10 sprint hills.

Intervals – Super 1000

1000 meter intervals are a common workout for long distance runners. Super 1000 is a variant where we divide 1000 meters into  four intervals (400 + 300 + 200 + 100 meters) with a short rest in between. We run this workout beacuse we to run in a higher speed to get a better running economy and higher our race speed. We choose to set the longest intervals first, because it’s make it easier to get into the right pace. We want to run in the same high speed through all the intervals.

Start with 400 meters followed by 300 meters, 200 meters and 100 meters. Then choose to either “stand rest” for 30 seconds or 100 meters of light jog. After each series, you rest 2.5 minutes or jog 400 meters before running again. Repeat the interval set three to five times.