Run HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon

Run HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon


You have now taken the first step towards running HOKA Helsingborg Half Marathon 2022! The registration process is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. You will receive a confirmation email after the registration (if you do not receive it then check your spam or campaign folder if you have Gmail).

Remember, if you register someone other than yourself, please use his/her e-mail or he/she will miss important information.
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Runner t-shirt

We can not defend an overproduction of t-shirts for future generations. Therefore, you must now actively choose whether you want to buy a Runner t-shirt. Read more here!

Become Novalie's hero!

Read more about our great collaboration with the foundation Ellas hjältar and how YOU can help Novalie achieve his dream of a Racerunner. Together we can make her dream come true by raising 30 000 SEK

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