42 195 meters

Helsingborg Marathon

The course of Helsingborg Marathon was born out of the idea of showing as much as possible of the beautiful city of Helsingborg. The city center is small but filled with fantastic views and spots. The course begins at Sundstorget outside of Dunkers Kulturhus in the heart of Helsingborg. The road leads the runners down a flat 7 kilometer  section to Råå Småbåtshamn which carries on to Ättekulla nature reserve. When you reach this spot it won’t take long before you will experience two wonderful parks, Ramlösa Brunnspark and Jordbodalen. Further on the runners will reach the stunning Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens, a farm in the middle of the city, and then on the same kilometer experience a big contrast when passing Helsingborg Arena and Olympia. During the second half of the course you get to see the medieval castle Kärnan, Pålsjö forest and Sofiero. The course then continues down the long hill Tinkarpsbacken before you reach the fantastic finish along the ocean. The last 3300 meters on Helsingborg Marathon has permanent markers every 100 meters. 33 lines with countdown to the finish line on Gröningen. The home stretch along the ocean offers flag banners above the runners heads for the last 200 meters and when they pass the finish line they get to celebrate their achievement facing the beautiful Öresund. The course is unique in every way with varying environment and highlights on a 42 195 meter long lap. Those who run always say – I will do this again!


A marathon like no other.

Length: 42 195 meters

Altitude difference: Around 370 meters (total, up and down)

Surface: ca 70% asphalt, 15% gravel, 14% trail, 1% other.

Highlights: City, Råå, Ramlösa brunnspark, Jordbodalen, Fredriksdal, Helsingborg Arena, Kärnan, Maria Park, Pålsjö castle, Sofiero castle, The boardwalk

City districts: Centrum, Söder, Planteringen, Miatorp, Högasten, Råå, Ättekulla, Ramlösa, Elineberg, Närlunda, Fältabacken, Wilson Park, Eneborg, Olympia, Slottshöjden, Tågaborg S, Tågaborg N, Norr, Ringstorp, Mariastaden, Hittarp-Laröd

Look at the course map here.

Watch the course video here.

21 097,5 meters

Helsingborg Half Marathon

Since 2014 we’ve had a dream about a half marathon. With one ambition – that the course will take the runners through the city district Söder. The start of the race is the same as the marathon and the relay outside of Dunkers Kulturhus. The course includes 2 unique kilometers for the half marathon before connecting to the marathon course at Kärnan. The runners and the audience get to experience historical Gustav Adolfs Square, medieval castle Kärnan, Pålsjö forest and Sofiero. After a finish along the ocean the runners get to celebrate their achievement facing the beautiful Öresund before they continue to the event area which contains activities for family, friends and supporters. The course has about 170 meters in altitude difference with a hill up to Kärnan after 3 kilometers and a long descent towards the ocean after 18 kilometers. The half marathon has a varying surface but mostly asphalt.


The idea of a Half Marathon has been a dream far away. But not anymore, in 2018 the Helsingborg Half Marathon had its premiere.

Length: 21 097,5 meters

Altitude difference: ca 170 meters (total, up and down)

Surface: Around 80% asphalt, 10% gravel, 9% trail, 1% other

Highlights: City, Stadsparken, Gustav Adolfs Square, Kärnan, Maria Park, Pålsjö castle, Sofiero castle, The boardwalk

Look at the course map here.

42 195 meters in teams of 2-4 runners

HBGM Relay

The ambition with Helsingborg Marathon has always been that it should be an event for everyone. HBGM Relay lets 2-4 persons share the experience of the Helsingborg Marathon course. The relay exchange stations are placed in Ättekulla, outside Fredriksdal and at Pålsjö Castle. With four different distances varied in length and surroundings there is something for everyone.


The winner of the women relay, IS Göta, on their way to the finish line at HBGM Relay 2018.

Length: 42 195 meters

Distance 1: 11,1 km (Start at Dunkers Kulturhus 0 km and shift at Ättekulla 11,1 km)
Distance 2: 10,5 km (Start at Ättekulla 11,1 km and shift at Fredriksdal 21,6 km)
Distance 3: 11,5 km (Start at Fredriksdal 21,6 km and shift at Pålsjö castle 33,1 km)
Distance 4: 9,1 km (Start at Pålsjö castle 33,1 km and finish at Gröningen 42,2 km)

Categories: Men, Women, Mixed, Corporate

Altitude difference: Around 370 meters (total, up and down)

Surface: Around 70% asphalt, 15% gravel, 14% trail, 1% other

Look at the course map here.

650 or 1600 METERS

Bama Kids Run

Bama Kids Run is the race where our younger participants gets a piece of that winning spirit. The start for both distances begins 650 meters north of Helsingborg Marathon’s finish line on Gröningen. The youngest contestants gets to feel how it is to run the last piece of the track with white and turquoise flags above their heads. The older kids run a 1600 meter long course which starts another 150 meters northward and aims at Henrik Larssons statue approx. 1200 meters north of the marathon finish line. When they get to the statue they turn around and have 1200 meters of running left before reaching the finish line. A memorable experience!


Bama Kids Run’s mascot Billie on the way to the finish line with all the kids during the second edition of Bama Kids Run.

Length: 650 or 1600 meters

Altitude difference: 2 meters

Surface: 100% asphalt

Look at the course map here.