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Helsingborg Marathon is the race of the citizens of Helsingborg. A race that you as a citizen of Helsingborg should feel proud of. Together we’ll welcome all the runners to a big party through our beautiful city!

Helsingborg Marathon runs through 21 of Helsingborg’s 29 city districts och we want to invite the whole city to participate at the premiere of the City District Party. We want you to join and show your city district and turn the race of the citizens of Helsingborg into a big party.

The idea behind the City District Party is simpel – associations and individuals have the opportunity to show their city district by organising fun activities along the course. It can be anything from playing music, take care of one of our fluid stations, cheering on the runners with a megaphone, or why not organise an event for the rest of the spectators? Let your imagination run wild! By the way, did you know that the most important thing for a runner is a dedicated audience? Now, let’s together show what Helsingborg is capable of!

As an association you also get the chance to have a really nice day together and to make your organisation more known to the citizens of Helsingborg. All the activities along the course will be visible in our digital channels.

Below you can register what kind of activity you want to organise and where along the course you want to be. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Together we create the party – the City District Party!

3 simple steps to register your activity!

1. Start by zooming in on the map and placing the marker on the exact position of your awesome activity. Please note that the position of your activity has to be somewhere along the course so both spectators and runners can enjoy it. EXCEPT for the start- (outside Dunker kulturhus) and finish area (Gröningen), where we already have activities.

2. Fill in the form below the map.

3. Finish by clicking “Submit”. Please note that we have to approve your registration before you’re able to see it on the map of the marathon course.

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General questions

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