Terms and conditions

Helsingborg Marathons Terms and Conditions

Your application is binding and means that, after the payment has been made you enter into an agreement with us. In the case of invoice payment, the entry fee must be paid within the specified time on the invoice in order for your place to be guaranteed. Your registration is personal and you must not let anyone else run the race in your name / place. Any cancellation can be made no later than 2 months before the race. The fee will then be refunded only upon submission of medical certificates before this date. The registration also cannot be postponed until years to come. There is a max time for all of our races, we reserve the right to finish your race before you cross the finish unless you are within the specified max time. After payment has been made you will receive a confirmation of your registration to the e-mail you have specified. Should anything be wrong with the confirmation you received, please contact us at hello@hbgm.se.

You participate in our events under your own responsibility, which you approve by accepting the terms and conditions. You participate at your own risk and we are not responsible for any damages that may occur when you participate in the race (also includes technical equipment or clothing).

The entry fee is not refunded in the event that the race is canceled due to reasons beyond our control such as an authority’s assessment that this is necessary for your and other participants’ safety or health, fire, flood, strike or other similar circumstances. In this case, we are not obliged to pay damages or other compensation to you.

By submitting your application, you consent to the publication of your times, your name and your club / company on the web and social media. This also includes any photos and videos from the event that include you. You also give your consent that the Helsingborg Marathon has the right to use these images in its marketing, on the internet and possibly in daily newspapers without you being entitled to compensation.

You also agree that we store your personal information in accordance with the guidelines and information available in our privacy policy, which can be read here.

We also reserve ourselves for any printing and writing errors.

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